1942 - Arcade quality port coming to the Amiga?

In 1984 a great shoot em up was released for the Arcade by Capcom and that game was 1942. A game in which you had to shoot down enemy planes, avoid being shot out of the sky while performing awesome rolls and collecting power ups. Thankfully this game which was one of the highlights of that era, may be coming to the Amiga, as thanks to a heads up from AmigaFrance, we now know that agermose is hoping to do a full Arcade conversion using a number of tools such as Assembly, MAME and UAE.

According to the creator, he recently got back into Amiga assembly programming and after playing around a bit decided to do a bigger development project with the use of MAME and UAE being available converting an old arcade game seems a good choice. He goes on to say after retrieving some of my old stuff, I found some old 1942 code I started working on around 1993, but never finished. So I have decided to go ahead with this project!

Development tools currently used:
AsmOne. Will probably switch to Vasm once I get my Linux updated
DeluxePaint 4.5
XnView MP (PNG->IFF)
PicCon (IFF->RAW)
Tiled (Mapping tiles)
-Currently targetting OCS chipset. Using lots of memory for development, on OS3.1.

Links :1) Detailed Development

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