Fix-It Felix Jr on the Commodore Amiga? Crazy stuff!

I'm sure many of you by now have seen Disney Animation’s Wreck It Ralph; a cartoon which follows the journey of a villain from an old 1980’s arcade game that at the time in reality never actually existed. Well you may or may not know, that not only did it actually spawn a real online and mobile based game called 'Fix-It Felix, Jr.' which played just like a Donkey Kong clone from 1982. But it also spawned a homebrew Sega Genesis emulator version, that had been ported by enthusiast programmer Future Driver for the Genesis/Mega Drive consoles.

So why are we mentioning this fabulous game as if it was released in 1982? Well as of this week, we were contacted by Per-Ola Eriksson, that a Fix-It Felix Jr based game called 'Repair Tronics',
has arrived on the Commodore Amiga thanks to Amigatronics using the RedPill tool from Carlos Peris (Zener) and Jordi Palome. So yes if you have an Amiga with a 2Mb Chip RAM, CPU 030 Minimum, you'll be able to enjoy this great game with all the Wreck it Ralph "Gonna Wreck it " antics intact.

Links :1) ADF 2) HD 3) Aminet

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