Tiny Little Slug - An upcoming Amiga platformer from Slamy and XplrA looks so much better!

In August of this year we gave everyone the heads up regarding an upcoming Amiga game from Slamy and XplrA called 'Tiny Little Slug'; a game that looked to feature not just lovely graphics but gameplay that everyone in the family could enjoy. Well time has moved on since then, and after another heads up from XplrA. we've been told Tiny Little Slug is not only at its final stage of testing, but thanks to player feedback the game looks, plays, and sounds better than ever.

According to the team behind the game and from what we can see in the video. The last update video is now a few months old and they've decided to post a new one including overhauled changes. These changes include a final slug design, checkpoint viewpoint now having visual feedback, more visible animation such as switches, level difficulty adjustments, the removal of the heatwave replaced with parallax and much much more. For those of you wanting to know when we can play the game, the leader of the project has said, "the game has reached the state he wanted it to be at and content wise the game is at 100% with bugs fixing and quality assurance still to be done".

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