Magic Tomb - An upcoming PC Dungeon Crawler with an old school feel

Fancy playing a dungeon crawler that doesn't look like it's come straight out of a Legend of Grimrock stock room, then take a look at Bhr's work in progress game of ' Magic Tomb '. A work in progress game that the developer says is a simple old-school grid-based dungeon crawler with a 3D first person view point, 2D sprites, and a short level that is available to try right now through the gamemaker community.

Although it is still at a work in progress state as seen by the video above, we can already see a lot of love has gone into Magic Tomb. It doesn't just feature a rather old school monochrome vibe, a bit like a classic Machintosh game, but there's atmospheric sound effects, enemies to fight, rooms to explore, and items to find... Certainly a game I'm going to keep an eye on!

Links :1) Forum 2) Current Version

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