LEAP! - A glorious Bounder tribute is teased for the C64

A lot of people who had an Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW, ZX Spectrum, MSX or Commodore 64 remember playing the game Bounder; a game released in 1985 by Gremlin Graphics in which the player navigates a variety of courses as a bouncing tennis ball. But did you know a tribute game is currently being developed called ' LEAP! '? Well you do now! Welcome to the latest teased project from Massi L'arrotino, which looks to feature not just great gameplay, but a superb soundtrack too.

According to the creator of this fine looking game (link), LEAP! is the very first attempt at making something for the good old breadbin. A Bounder clone-tribute with tweaked physics and modernized gameplay (no deadly respawns like in the original), that is currently being shown above as very alpha footage. In the developers words " an indistinct mass of tiles put together to test the engine with no gameplay purpose, gfx is 50% placeholders, and I still need to work a lot on the soundtrack"

Release Date : Later this year

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