Project Horizon - Alien blaster announced for the Commodore Amiga gets a cool tease!

Another day and another great news announcement for the Amiga scene, as the previous game we mentioned as 'Project Horizon', has not only been shown off with a brand new HAM6 intro, but also a sneak peek gameplay tease! Yes indeed this game first posted about last year, is an upcoming game that according to the creator Electric Black Sheep, is an Amiga game inspired by basic shooting elements such as Commando, with a mix of Chaos Engine and a dab of Alien Breed.

Sadly we don't have a lot of information on Project Horizon, but what we can say is there wont be any jumping, there will be deadly enemies on screen to destroy, items to pick up, lots of kick ass sound effects, and an upcoming inclusive editor. So watch this space for more info!

Links :1) Source - Thanks Saberman for the heads up

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