Synthia in the Cyber Crypt - A C64 platform adventure game created using SEUCK

When it comes to SEUCK developed games they are usually side scrolling action titles, or in the case of most of our write ups.....Shoot em ups. Thankfully 'Synthia in the Cyber Crypt' developed for the latest compo is a bit of a rare breed, as not only was it developed using SEUCK, but instead of the usual type of game, this one is an enhanced platform adventure game with aid of VICE, an Action Replay cartridge (or VICE monitor) and a rather clever programming mind.

As noted by the website : "Humanity is doomed. The scientists who had been working on AI replacements to help the survivors of the atomic war have been killed by their latest model. One obsolete HEC-80 is our last hope. Control HEC-80 with joystick in either port. Go around each room, picking up objects (which will reappear) in order to solve a clue/obstacle in specific rooms. The objects are placed around each screen, and cannot be lost. Simply remember what they are, where they are and try to use what you have picked up using the fire button".

Links :1) Source  2) Download

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