Raymaze 2000 - A new Atari 8bit game based on the Taito arcade game Raimais

Don't worry Atari 8bit owners we haven't forgot about you, as early today we found that a new game was released for the Atari called Raymaze 2000! A very enjoyable looking game from VinsCool, NRV, Therealbountybob, Synthpopalooza and MrFish, in which you need move around a maze collecting circular dots while avoiding other enemies on screen with powerups giving you the edge. To coincide with this news, not only can you download it below, but Saberman has shown off the latest gameplay footage.

According to the creator(s) regarding this action game based on the Taito arcade game Raimais (from 1988). They started iterating on this in 2018, with MrFish, but after some months they had to stop for different reasons even though the game was already playable with the classic levels. Fast forward to this year however, especially with the low feeling of the game never being previously published, they have now released the game with improvements and extra added features!

Features/Info :
-It has a set of 14 levels based on the original ones, with classic enemies and powerups, but also adds a lot of new things
- a new branch of 17 original levels
- new enemy behaviors
- some new powerups and secrets
- improved controls and also new ways of controlling your vehicle
- 3 difficulty levels (Casual, Medium, Expert)
- other new gameplay ideas
- (Raimais could be seen as an improved version of Head On, or maybe Pac-Man, something like what Taito did with Breakout/Arkanoid or Qix/Volfied).

Links :1) Credits/Forum 2) Download "The game needs an A8 computer with 64K

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