Atic Atac - Ultimate Play the Game classic is coming to the C64!

As we said before, Ultimate Play the Game released many incredible titles in the 80's, games such as Knightlore, Jetpac, Sabre Wulf and Gunfright to name but a few. But today's news is something of a special announcement for fans of Ultimate Play the Game, as thanks to a new heads up from Steven Day, we've been told that not only is this classic game coming to the C64, but new alpha footage has been released showing just how good this C64 version is going to look on your home computer!

Yes indeed this rather famous game although now coming over to the C64, will now feature brilliant graphical detail by Steven Day and coding by Tomcat from Nostalgia who also did the Commando and GnG reboots. Furthermore as you can see from the video above it also sports new added details and best of all from the video description you can now shoot ****. So yes I'm very much excited to play this game when it gets its eventual release.

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