Freeciv - A worthy Open-Source Inspired Civilization game gets a 2.6.2 bug fix release

OpenRCT2 wasn't the only open source version of a famous game that's worthy of a mention today, as we've also found out that the open source release of 'FreeCiv' has reached a bug fixed version of 2.6.2. If you haven't heard of FreeCiv before, it is based around the all conquering and empire building hit 1991 stragety game Civilization, which in itself is inspired by the history of the human civilization.

Prepare yourself for many hours of lost sleep as you develop your civilization from the Stone Age to the Space Age in an incredible gaming experience. This open sourced version can be compared to Civilization I and II, but features a massive up to 126 player gameplay, Internet and LAN support, premade maps and scenarios, more than 50 playable units and 541 nations, mod pack support, diplomacy and much much more.

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