1200XL- An Atari 8 Bit Gaming Podcast by Amigos Retro Gaming

We've featured the Atari XL/XE for many years now, in fact it is one of our favourite systems with loads of classic games to play and new homebrews coming out on an almost weekly basis. Although I've never had one myself, tending to stick with the Amstrad, C64 or ZX Spectrum, it was a system that if I could turn back time, I'd certainly have picked one up and added to my ever growing retro collection.

But anyway enough about that! If you've got the time and want to watch a cool podcast from our good friends Amigos Retro Gaming, then you'll be interested to know that they have done an Atari 8 Bit Gaming Podcast, all about the system and its games! As in the words of the team : "The Atari 8 bit line represented the vanguard of computer gaming during its nearly ten-year run of production. Join Boat and Aaron as they take a look at their favorite games from the system, as well as some hidden gems!".

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