Super Metal Hero - A new Amiga game coming from Double Sided Games

This month has been fantastic for Amiga news, especially with games being mentioned on IRN such as Boss Machine, Inviyya, Tiny Little Slug, Tapper and even Redpill Puzzle. But it looks as if the greatness hasn't ended there, as thanks to another great heads up, we've been told Double Sided Games will be publishing a more polished version of Super Metal Hero for the Amiga. A game they've said will be getting a major change in the team, in gameplay and technology.

Not just that but Double Sided Games have also mentioned the fact Super Metal Hero is not only being developed by the same team behind the incredible Amiga game known as Barbarian+ (TenShu, Colin and Simone), but they will be banding together as soon as Shadows of Sergoth is finished. So yes certainly one to look out for, especially with those details above and what looks to be an Action Platformer.

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