Thank you to all of our readers of Indie Retro News!

I have been writing on my website Indie Retro News going back as far as 2011 when we hit our first milestone of 5000 views, and nowhere near the mind blowing amount we've hit today, which doesn't include FB or Twitter. Not only do I come across some great games, but we feature so many that lots of you who visit our site, regard us as the go to place for the latest updates for pretty much every retro gaming system out there (Apart from the Oric, which is coming soon).

Sonic Hedgehog coming to the Amstrad GX4000 is one such example!

But it's been a long road that's for sure, it certainly isn't easy keeping the website going from day to day. Yes we've made many new friends, but running the website certainly has its bad points too... Fallouts with people I just couldn't get along with and having to deal with the very hard times of life noting family problems, and mental health issues(Autism"Aspergers",OCD,PTSD) certainly takes its toll. You just can't have a good day every day and be friends with everyone it just doesn't happen. I mean seriously some of the people I've spoken too have been bullied to breaking point!

One of the highlights of 2020 is sure to be Eye of the Beholder on the C64!

But I still feel writing on Indie Retro News was all the more worth it! I mean seriously, I would never have come across so many amazing games, spoke online to such incredible people from across the globe ,and read all your positive comments. So I just wanted to end this write up by saying thank you to the guest writers writing great reviews, thank to our Youtubbers and Twitch streamers, thank you for taking the time to get involved (even if its just a comment), thank you to all of our patreon supporters, and well just thank you for everything you have done from the bottom of my retro Heart... You are all awesome, everyone of you!

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