Moritz the Striker - A Football-Soccer Platformer for the 48k ZX Spectrum!

Moritz has certainly had a lot of ZX Spectrum games throughout our speccy write ups on Indie Retro News, he's been in Moritz Strikes Back, Moritz 48k, Moritz to the Moon, and yes even the the most recent of games, Moritz on the Autobahn. So what else can Moritz star in? A Football/Soccer game of course! Welcome to Mortiz the Striker; a new game developed by Sebastian Braunert, Lobo and Rich 'Tufty' Hollins for the ZX Spectrum 48k that has just been announced to us via Facebook!

In this game you play as Moritz and the main aim of the game is to score a goal to complete a level. Beware this isn't any normal Footy game however, as in this one you need to blow the walls open, release the football, flip the switch to remove the goalie, avoid the enemies and a red card, don't go crazy listening to the highly repetitive soundtrack, and finally you must kick the ball at the goal for a level completion.

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