Shadow of the Beast - A proof of concept for the Intellivision available for testing!

As many of you are aware by now Matthew Kiehl is not only bringing the classic game of Prince of Persia to the Intellivision, but also Mega Man 2 and one of my all time favourite games on the NES, Castlevania. Thankfully those games are still in development, especially with IntelliVania coming this year, but the news of today isn't related to those games, as Matthew Kiehl has shown a proof of concept of Shadow of the Beast being loaded and actually played on the Intellivision.

Originally published by Psygnosis in 1989-1990 Shadow of the Beast is a side scrolling platformer and featured not just revolutionary graphics for its time but an atmospheric score by David Whittaker, with the best version being the Amiga and Atari and less quality ports on systems such as the Amstrad and ZX Spectrum. This version however which can be downloaded via the forum link below, was created using IntyBASIC as a proof of concept for the Intellivision, redefining graphics for parallax type effects, while as he said himself "trying to keep the gradients and art style of the Amiga version, or work more towards the look of the commodore 64".

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