LASERBIRDS - A cool shoot em up for the ZX Spectrum 48K/Plus by Teknamic Software

Looking for a rather cool game to play on your ZX Spectrum 48K/Plus throughout the lockdown period but don't want yet another platformer, then have we got the game for you! Andy Green who is a rather talented graphical artist for the Speccy, has just announced that Teknamic Software has released their latest Shoot em up called  LaserBirds; a new exclusive for the ZX Spectrum 48K/Plus whereby the main aim of the game is to blast away waves of deadly enemies!

Andy Green has told us that Laserbirds is a new exclusive shoot'em-up where your mission is to destroy the aliens, called Ornithoids. The enemy AI uses a large array of patterns which will certainly add much tension to the player! What also makes this one stand out is the use of raster graphics, allowing for colourful sprites. So yes certainly a cool sounding game, and what's more upon the request of Andy who did the amazing loading screen, the team behind the game has made a very kind donation to the MS Society charity.


Design/Code/Graphics/Special Effects/Music: Wilton.
Additional Graphics: Andy Green, Ricardo Nunes.
Technical Advisor: Richard  Atkinson.
Beta Testers: André Leão, Robson Rangel, Mario Cavalcanti, Paolo Pugno.
Sleeve Design:  Matheus Graef, JRR_arts and Leonardo Bussadori.

We would like to thank Chris Cowley (Beepola),  Jonathan Smith (FuzzClick) and Claus Jahn (ZX Modules).
Special thanks to Clive Townsend (text revision).

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