Fix It Felix Jr. for the C64 is out now!

Now for the news we've been waiting for! Wreck It Ralph tie in game: The C64 version of Fix It Felix Jr. has been released today, you can download the game right now for free or name your own price, with all the money raised going to Unicef. Fix It Felix Jr. is a single screen platformer, where you must help the residents of Niceland Appartment which is being wrecked by Wreck It Ralph, who is on the rampage after being moved to the dump to make way for a new block of flats.

At the beginning of each level, Ralph smashes bricks and windows, which you can repair with your magic hammer.  Clearing a screen of damage will cause Ralph to damage more windows further up the appartment building until eventually he's cornered by Felix and the residents on the roof, where you're rewarded and the next stage begins, with difficulty increasing gradually as you progress.  Birds, bricks, and Ralph's ultimate rage will all hinder your progress, but residents will help you by baking magic cakes which give you a short period of invulnerability.

In a slight change to the C64 version, the magic cakes also allow you to score bonus points by smashing Ralph's bricks and the bird enemies.  And as a result of our live testing stream, the developers decided to add bonus points for killing multiple birds in a single period of invulnerability, which adds a nice Pacman arcade style score mechanic which is unique to the C64 version of Felix.

Disney made a Flash, and PC version of Fix It Felix, and while the arcade version has fine control over Felix's movements, this version resembles more the Flash version which moves Felix in fixed distance movements between windows by using Left, Right and Jump.  There are also 2 heights of jumps, with a short Up press causing Felix to low jump, which allows jumping over enemies, and slightly longer Up press causing Felix to jump up to the next window above.

Since I streamed the game a couple of weeks ago, a number of improvements have been added to the game.  Including, adding a High Score Table, a pause mode, SFX only mode, a longer intro making it more similar to the intro from one of the Megadrive homebrew versions, and a much needed option to skip the intro - once you've seen it a few times, you'll want to get straight to the action!

Fix it Felix Jr. is brought to us by the same team that brought us the awesome Atari VCS ports: Chopper Command, Keystone Kapers, Frotbite and Crackpots recently: Antonio Savona on code, Ste86 did the graphics, and Saul Cross music and SFX.   It's released today on and you can choose to make a donation or download for free.

Fix It Felix Jr Download :
Q&A Video With Antonio Savona : Video Link

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  1. Wurde um 2020 wirklich ein Fix it Felix Jr. Für den C64 produziert? So richtig echt auf Kassette? Liebe Grüße, Anima.


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