MagicAble - A lovely new ZX Spectrum game from Packobilly

Not satisfied with all the Amiga and C64 news this week, then how about this new game for the speccy then called 'MagicAble'; A brand new ZX Spectrum game from Packobilly, that was developed using the AGDX software by Jonathan Cauldwell. The game features plenty of levels, great speccy graphics, and finally deadly enemies such as venus flytraps and walking spooks!

In this game you play as a wizard on a quest to gather the Talismans, that have been scattered throughout the Kingdom of Arnaroth by the evil forces of the Underworld. You must traverse through the Haunted Forest, The Scary Dungeon, The Cursed Castle and The Doomed Cave, to find them and return peace to the Kingdom of Arnaroth. Will you be able?

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