Amigo The Fox - Welcome to a new Amiga game alpha from Earok! [Version 2]

Bit of a late news update on this one, and yes I was gutted I missed out when it was announced. As we've just been contacted by both Per Ola and Saberman, that Earok has released his early alpha platformer called ' Amigo The Fox ' for the Commodore Amiga. Yes indeed what started off as a Mario DOS port project, is now a platformer in which you play as a lovable fox, collecting diamonds, while also bouncing on enemies and jumping into blocks collecting power ups.

According to Erik Hogan the creator of Amigo The Fox, this game was created using the Scorpion Engine as a new look to what originally was going to be a DOS Mario Port. Due to the possibility of lawyers (ahem it is Nintendo after all), he created this game with a lovable fox instead!  The game features 6 alpha levels, colourful screens, a chippy soundtrack, and yes also smooth scrolling running on an Amiga 500, although a A1200 is recommended!

Links :1) Twitter 2) Download

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