EXO - An upcoming Atari 7800 game with heavy inspirations to Cybernoid

If you had a ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, C64, NES or Amiga, chances are you would've played ' Cybernoid '; a shoot 'em up published in 1987 by Hewson Consultants that is regarded by many as a very challenging, albeit very enjoyable game with fabulous music by Jeroen Tel or Jochen Hippel (ST). Well if you do remember the game and did have a chance to play it, you might be interested to know,  that as of right now you can try out Muddyfunster's Cybernoid early inspiration called E.X.O; an upcoming game which has been demo'd on the Atari 7800

As posted by the creator : E.X.O is heavily inspired by games like Cybernoid, Starquake, Exile and even Adventure. Flick screen shooter/adventure/explore type games. E.X.O draws on these archetypes, it has shooting but it's not trying to be a 'schmup', it has exploration, it has some puzzles (with more planned), it has a lot of "figuring out" that the player needs to do, to solve each screen and level. As for future plans, while there is a demo available for you to try, in later releases there will be Pokey music, more original SFX, additional levels, pick ups and bonus lives, and much much more.

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