Neadeital - A Tir-Na-Nog and Dun Darach inspiration coming to the ZX Spectrum!

If you've been following the latest Kickstarter campaign for the Crash Annual 2021, you would've seen that in development for the Kickstarter, Matt Birch was creating a brand new game for the ZX Spectrum called Neadeital. Well seeing as we didn't do a feature for the game itself, we thought it best to show in this article with not just some new screenshots, but also new footage which was all shown during the Kickstarter campaign itself.

Although details are very sparse about the game so this will be a very short paragraph, what we do know is this game, which Matt Birch is calling Neadeital, is heavily inspired by the widely received 1984 Gargoyle game Tir-Na-Nog. Furthermore not only does the upcoming game look to follow in the games footsteps, it has also been given the feedback by Fusion Magazine as "incredible graphics and gameplay". And that's pretty much all we know so far, so for further info make sure to check out the Kickstarter link below.

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