From Below - A great Tetris style game in development for the NES

Oh joy of joys, if you loved the 1984 game of Tetris or the 1989 game of Columns , you'll be pleased to know that as of today you can download or play via your browser the very latest Tetris inspiration of ' From Below ' for the NES. This game which was first announced in May, is a high grade Tetris style game that doesn't just feature great animation, but top quality detail and classic gameplay we've loved since the era of the original.

Whereas in the main mode of the game, you must Battle the Kraken by clearing lines across the onslaught of attacking Kraken Tentacles. The Tentacles push more blocks onto the screen every few seconds, forcing to act quickly, and strategize on an every changing board. In the classic version however, it features no new gimicks or crazy changes, but does feature hard drops, lock delay and much much more.

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