Batboy - Na Na Na Na BatBoy,a new game for your ZX Spectrum!

We've had loads of ZX Spectrum games these last few weeks, from Last Train to Tranz-Central, to Coloco and even Road Trippin. But one game that has caught our attention mixing it up with a Gameboy style running on the ZX Spectrum, is Antonio J. Pérez's new ZX Spectrum game of 'Batboy'; a game that was developed using not just the Mojon Twins MK1 engine, but Sergio thEpOpE's FX utility, TZX Turbo Loading by Javier Peña and SevenUp, WYZTracker, ZX-Paintbrush.

Story : Gotham City is in danger again. The evil army of the Joker-Bot has invaded the streets of the city and only Bat Boy can destroy them. Using his Bat-car and Bat-plane he will be able to reach all the areas and defeat all the enemies in his path. Jump, glide, duck and shoot anything that moves! The game features cool Gameboy Aesthetics, lots of platforming action, deadly enemies to deal with, and multiple levels including Gotham Streets, On the Road, 777 Factory, The Art Museum, Up In The Air and The Cathedral.

Links :1) Source  (Thanks Andy for the heads up!)

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