Wonderful Dizzy is coming to the ZX Spectrum NEXT and ZX Spectrum 128k!

Dizzy will always get a full feature on Indie Retro News, from new fan games, to those that have been found lost in the back of The Oliver Twins loft. Thankfully Dizzy still lives on in the hearts of many, as if you've got a ZX Spectrum NEXT and 128K and are a Dizzy fan like myself, you'll be overjoyed to learn that Dizzy's newest adventure of Wonderful Dizzy will be coming to the ZX Spectrum NEXT and ZX Spectrum 128K in the near future.

Notice the colour clash? ZX Spectrum 128k version?

Wonderful Dizzy will be directed by The Oliver Twins & the Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Spectrum remake team as an exclusive release for the ZX Spectrum NEXT and ZX Spectrum 128K. It will not only look amazing on the ZX, but if you have a ZX Spectrum NEXT it will take advantage of its features, graphic modes, and sound which is something many Dizzy fan and ZX Spectrum owners will be pleased to hear. So look out for this one especially as The Oliver Twins have just said the game is very close to completion, just finishing up a few bits such as coins and a few more puzzles etc.

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