Lareliquia - Recover an ancient relic in this new ZX Spectrum game

I don't usually do writing on a weekend, week days are busy enough! But here's a new game you might enjoy and befitting of the upcoming Halloween, and that's Roolandoo's ZX Spectrum release of Lareliquia. This game which looks to be a platformer, centers around a monk who after returning from the Holy Land to the Saint Camilo Monastery, must avoid deadly creatures to recover an ancient relic that has been guarded for centuries and to rescue all of his brothers.

Featuring in game music with the 128k version, you must traverse multiple levels to find items scattered about to help you in your quest. Beware however, not only must you avoid dangerous spikes, but there are enemies about that when touched will do you harm. So good luck Mr Monk, find the ancient artifact and rescue your brothers, as it's going to be a tough task ahead!

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