Melkhior's Mansion - In Dev Ultimate Play the Game inspired 'Atic Atac' gets a PC Demo!

Remember when we gave you the heads up that the Ultimate Play the Game's famous classic Atic Atac, was not only being remade for the PC, ZX Spectrum Next and ZX Spectrum 128k? Well there's great news for this gloomy Monday afternoon, as after checking their tweeter feed recently, we've found out that as if you've been looking forward to playing the inspirational remake of Melkhior's Mansion, you can download the Windows Demo right now.

Ultimate Play the Game released so many incredible titles in the 80's but this remake of Atic Atac, which is a remake of a game originally released in 83, does not only look like an impressive remake especially for the PC, ZX NEXT and ZX Spectrum 128k, but most likely will be a huge hit when it does get its eventual release. So for now, visit the website below and check out the rather lovely Windows Demo.

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