Fire Tyre - A rather cool 3D racer is being developed for the Amstrad CPC

If you've got an Amstrad CPC you might be interested in this latest news announcement, as if you like Arcade racing games such as Burnout, Outrun or even the GX4000 game of Burnin' Rubber, then CNG is working on a rather impressive looking 3D racing game called 'Fire Tyre' for the Amstrad CPC; a game which is being developed for the CPCRetroDev 2020 competition which features hardware double buffering, realtime sprite scaling, and much much more!

Although it is still early days for this game, looking at the video above it certainly does look like a top quality racer for the Amstrad and one I'm sure will be played many times over. For those of you who have noticed similarities in the music, "C64 fans will recognize Martin Galway's "Comic Bakery" as the menu theme and Rob Hubbard's "Formula 1 Simulator" as the in-game song".

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