LiteRally - Fast paced racing with a new release for the Atari XL/XE

It was only just yesterday that we announced the latest release purchasable through Retronics called Adam is me : an Atari XL/XE game that is heavily inspired by "Baba Is You" by Arvi Teikari that features a great soundtrack and enjoyable gameplay. Well fast forward to this week however and another game is available for purchase with a completely different theme, and that's the fast paced racing game of 'LiteRally'.

If you love racing games with a Road Rash element to it, ie it looks as if you can actually hit people. Then LiteRally might just be the game for you! It features a great soundtrack, 16 different tracks to race on, a route editor, different graphical sets, and it works on both PAL and NTSC based systems. So yes certainly a game that's worth purchasing for any Atari XL/XE owner!

Idea, programming, graphics, cover art: Kamil "Gorgh" Trzaska
Additional graphics: Piotr "Piesiu" Radecki
Music: Makary "Makary" Brauner, Michał "Caruso" Brzezicki
History, instruction manual: Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik, Rafał "Irata4" Strzelecki, Grzegorz "Grzynio" Rzepka

Requirements: Standard Atari with al least 64KB of RAM.

Links :1) Facebook 2) Purchase

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