Juanje Juega in Sinverland - A rather unique game released for the C64 by Picaro Games

Project ZX isn't the only game that we've played which features multiple nods to other games in one. As another game has surfaced which is rather unique, as it also has nods to other classics for the C64, is Picaro Games C64 release of ' Juanje Juega in Sinverland '; a new platformer whereby you must traverse many different levels, avoid deadly enemies and collect items which have been taken straight out of other great classics such as Pacman, Bruce Lee and even ET.

Collecting dots in Pacman or eggs in the great classic Chuckie Egg, Juanje Juega in Sinverland is a game that everyone who has a C64 should try at least once. It features multiple level designs, different enemies per level, a timeline that counts down adding to the challenge, and finally a soundtrack which is different for every level!

Links :1) Source   2) Download 3) Video

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