Deepstone Catacomb - A new homebrew dungeon crawler for the Atari 2600!

We haven't featured many Atari 2600 products this year, even though we have featured a number of Atari 2600 to C64 ports, so to change all that here's a new game from Mick Muze that's purchasable through AtariAge, it's Deepstone Catacomb; a brand new Atari 2600 release whereby you must save Princess Robyn from the clutches of the evil Dark Lord Kram and his army of Undead Soldiers deep within the very dark underworld of the Catacombs.

If you're looking for a decent dungeon crawling experience for your Atari 2600, then Deepstone Catacomb might just be the game for you! It features not just 26 action packed randomly Generated Dungeon Floors on Game 1 (Easy), Game 2 (Hard), and Unlimited Floors on Game 3 (Hard). But Several different types of Monsters, each with unique behaviors, 3 Mid Bosses, 4 End Bosses, each larger and more deadly than the last, floors of Treasure Rewards for defeating the Dragons and a switch mode to turn of the repetitive sound effects!

Additional Information

Deepstone Catacomb is a Melody-enhanced game and includes game cartridge, full-color 12-page manual, professionally printed box, and double-sided, full-color game flyer.

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