L'abbaye Des Morts - A high quality Falcon conversion of a fabulous multi-system platformer

Throughout 2018 and into 2019 we were constantly banging on the drums about the fabulous C64 game 'L'abbaye Des Morts', which was developed by Antonio Savona, with graphics, music, sfx by Saul Cross and Gryzor, with full permission of Locomalito. Well fast forward to today and boy do we have some great news if you have Atari however! As if you've played this version on the C64 or any other system it was ported to, will be overjoyed to learn a high quality conversion has been released on the Atari Falcon.

L’Abbaye des Morts (The Abbey of the Dead) Falcon version, is the latest game from Jo Even Skarstein and Geir Vælidalo, Skuggemannen and team. It is a port of a ZX spectrum inspired mini game, originally written by Locamolito and released as freeware for Windows in 2010, with multiple ports released for the C64, Linux, Mac OSX, Nintendo Wii / 3DS, SEGA Megadrive and ZX Spectrum. This version however has graphics converted from/based on the SDL version by Neva and some graphics from the Sega Megadrive version by Mun/Moonwatcher, with a stunning soundtrack and music by Skuggemannen, Bone Dry Records Sound FX: Freesound.


  • Atari Falcon030.
  • Minimum 2Mb free RAM.
  • CPU: 030 with FPU, 040 or 060.
  • CT2(b), Afterburner and CT60 supported.
  • TOS, EmuTOS or FreeMiNT >= 1.19.
  • VGA or RGB monitor.

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