Parallaxian - A previously announced C64/C128 game gets a promo page tease

It was some time ago now that we mentioned Jonathan Woods 'Parallaxian'; A stunning "next generation" shoot-em-up-bomb-em-up game for the Commodore 64, which sadly at the time never reach its £12,500 goal, even though it did reach a half way point. Well fast forward to this month however and if you were still keen to play this game, will be pleased to know the creator has launched a promo page, a page which gives us an extra glimpse at this stunning new game in development for the Commodore 64 and The C64 and, in native mode, for the Commodore 128.

The developer is aiming for a top notch game for the C64, as in his previous words "a game that is a technologically advanced, bar-raising game for the Commodore 64 featuring graphical and coding techniques never before seen on any game for the platform". If that wasn't enough to pull you in to play Parallaxian when and if it gets a release. The game also lists features such as the first and only C64 game with screen-layered vertical-within-horizontal parallax scrolling, extensive use of PAL non-standard colours based on Luma-Driven Graphics, immersive gameplay, full open border play, inertia and acceleration effects and much more! 

So when is the game getting a release? We just don't know yet sadly, but there is word of a Cartridge, disk and a digital based version, which will work on PAL and NTSC, planned for C128 in native mode with an extra world and enhanced effects (Limited Edition).

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