Wonderful Dizzy - An exclusive ZX Spectrum preview from Florinthedwarf

A new Dizzy game? That's 'wonderful' news!

Dizzy is back! Well almost, and he's almost back in 8-bit form and a format he is very familiar with - the ZX Spectrum. The last official Spectrum release for everyone's favorite egg was way back in 1992 in Crystal Kingdom Dizzy. A remake followed 25 years later which was released in 2017. As great as it was, a completely new game is what fans have been waiting for. As far as waits go, 28 years is a pretty long one so it's about time we got one, right? Well, that long long wait is nearly over, my excellent friends! I'm not one to make lots of easy egg jokes (honest) so don't expect to read any is this preview, ok?

Ooh, this doesn't look like good news for Dizzy.

If you were a fan of the 2017 remake of Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (who wasn't?) you'll be pleased to know that the team behind that version are again at the reins of this new instalment of the Dizzy series. Evgeniy Barskiy and his team have taken the wheel again though this time they have the backing and input of the The Oliver Twins who have designed the game from scratch. With these two powerful creators, this is certain to be another quality chapter in the Dizzy saga and will be the official sequel to Crystal Kingdom Dizzy. Exciting times are ahead!
I bet Indiana Jones never found anything as big as this!

With the twins back on board for this new official Dizzy instalment, what do they have in store for us this time? Well, as you can see from the screens, we still have the usual glorious looking scenery and colourful backdrops to admire though also a host of new, and some more familiar, characters, all playing their part in making Dizzy work hard in completing his mission. [SPOILER WARNING] Pogie is everyone's favorite fluffle but it's his misfortune which leads to Dizzy setting upon a quest to rescue him from the Wicked Witch of the West who, after and unfortunate coming together between Dizzy's house and the her sister, the Wicked Witch of the East, takes little Pogie captive, alluding to the prospect of eating him for dinner. Ouch. Poor Pogie! [SPOILER ENDS]

As you may have guessed, the game is a slight spin on the classic film, The Wizard of Oz with Dizzy taking the lead role; though there are no ruby slippers in sight (not that I've come across yet, anyway). Not sure how they'd look on an egg wearing boxing gloves, mind. Having had the fortune of playing the beta version of the game, I can tell you all now that this is Dizzy back to his best - and more!

'How long have you been stuck here, mate?'
'Donkey's years.'

The game is adorned with lush graphics and details, and what really took me was the level of humour thrown in the dialogue between the characters. Many times I found myself sniggering and snorting at the jokes, references (both pop culture and gaming) along with a little tongue in cheek poke at the Spectrum's unique colour palette (the best palette, of course). The extra little touches really make the difference too. Dizzy's character is now complete with hat and backpack and has an added animation where he turns around to enter doorways. 

These may seem like little things to some but, these are the extra touches that make this game stand out from the rest. Another string to add to Dizzy's bow is that he can now climb up and down ladders and ropes - a fantastic and overdue addition if you ask me. These extra details in no way mask the fundamentals you expect in a Dizzy game; you'll still find the - sometimes devilish - puzzles, action, great music and the usual platform antics that we love - this one is just finished with extra finesse throughout.

Wonderful Dizzy is due for release very soon, hopefully within the next couple of weeks, so is looking to be something of a nice Christmas present for fans of the brave egg and his compadres. With a great team developing the game with the influence of the Oliver Twins, this is going to be cracking. Sorry, had to get one in there ;)

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