An Arcade conversion What if of 'Street Fighter II' on an Amiga 1200, and a new graphics engine!

I'm sure many of you remember the Street Fighter games, more especially Street Fighter 2; a game which originally appeared on the Arcades, and was then ported to pretty much every system you could think of, including such systems as the Amiga, Atari St and even the ZX Spectrum.  Well fast forward to today however and a great video has just appeared via the Amiga community, as this video(link) explores how an arcade port of Street Fighter II could have been made for the Commodore Amiga 1200.

According to Dennis Ramberg, he is currently working on a graphics engine/demo together with neoman from Titan Art collective showcasing what an Amiga 1200 arcade conversion of Street Fighter II could have looked like if the hardware was utilized effectively. He also goes on to say, that Neoman and himself will create a fully working graphics engine and release it to the public, so others who are willing can create their own fighting games fully utilizing the Amiga 1200 hardware.

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