Tapper - Arcade beer drinking classic appears on the Amiga gets a new build

One game that many people remember so fondly that's all about serving patrons in a pub, was that classic game 'Tapper'; a game by Marvin Glass and Associates released by Bally Midway, all those years ago in the Arcades in 1983. In fact this game also appeared on the Atari 2600, Atari 8bit, Amstrad CPC, BBC MICRO, C64, MSX and yes even the ZX Spectrum. So why is this fine Arcade game getting another mention on IRN? Well as of today you can download the latest work in progress port of 'Tapper' for the Amiga!

Yes indeed thanks to a heads up via the EAB forums from the developer himself, we've been told via Old_Bob, that "Tapper" has got a brand new version for you to enjoy as a new release for the Commodore Amiga, hopefully requiring only an Amiga OCS with 1mb Chip Ram. As for the game play which I'm sure most of you know already, Tapper puts the player in the boots of a bartender who must serve eager, thirsty patrons (before their patience expires) while collecting empty mugs and tips!

Developers Release Notes : All the animation frames for the beer drinking bobs are now in and you will be also now be killed if an empty beer glass falls off the end of the bar. All the data is now ProPack compressed and is unpacked at the beginning of each round. Hopefully this won't introduce any weirdness on 040 and 060??If you end up getting stuck on a round, you can simply skip to the next one using the second fire button. This works fine in WinUAE, but for some reason won't for me here on my A600 with a Megadrive pad plugged in. Your mileage may vary, I guess.

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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