Vermitron - Twin-Stick shooter with classic inspirations available now on Steam

If you're looking for a new indie game for your PC(Windows), with retro inspirations then we might have found just the game for you, as if you head on over to FobTi interactive's Steam page you'll be able to play their latest game of 'Vermitron'; a Retro styled Arcade Twin-Stick shooter with Tower Defense elements inspired by the classic titles like Robotron, Smash-Tv, Gauntlet or PSSST from the ZX-Spectrum.

With a mix of a Tower Defense game, and a Twin Stick Shooter, you must defend your lovely Flower from invading insects using not just your powerful Bug Spray, but even your friendly Holo-Pet! The game features old school arcade gameplay, infinite replayability, new weapons to unlock, ZX-Spectrum style graphics without the colour clash, full Xbox 360 controller support, multiple enemy types(Slugs!), cats and much much more.

Links :1) Steam 

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