Annalynn - A 2D platformer made in the style of arcade games from the early '80s!

We've certainly had our fair share of Arcade games mentioned on Indie Retro News from Donkey Kong, to Kung Fu Master, and even Rygar. But another game has just caught our attention with a nostalgic nod to the past, and that's Cruise Elroy's Arcade game of ' Annalynn '; a highly recommended 2D platformer for PC(Windows) which has been made in the style of arcade games from the early '80s. 

Play as Annalynn, the eponymous heroine who has to run, jump, and climb to outwit the four snakes: Randy, Handy, Candy, and Mike. Collect the coins, grab the bonus foods, and turn the tables with blinding rubies! The game features addictive gameplay, 16 rounds over 5 unique areas, graphics and sound faithful to early 80's arcade games, 22 unlockable characters, local high score tables, and all of this with great feedback such as "I love this game and have played it a bunch" and "This game looks great".

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