Ice Force - Crazy fast paced Shoot 'em up by Alex1975Br for the Sega Master System

We feature a lot of Shoot 'em ups on Indie Retro News, games such as Soul Force on the C64 and Alcon on the Amstrad CPC to name but a few. Thankfully we haven't forgotten about you Sega Master System owners, as thanks to a heads up by Preston, he has told us you can now download the fast paced Shoot 'em up of 'Ice Force'; A game which is so fast, even your brain wont be able to keep up!

If you've ever played a game like this before then you know what to expect in Ice Force, fly your space ship across landscapes and blast as many waves as possible to win the game. Be warned though, this game is as I said before is incredibly fast, but hey at least the developer was kind enough to give you lots of lives!

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