WHDLoadMenu - Another Amiga game launcher that's worth a try

If you have an Amiga with an internal CF drive or any other way of playing whdload games such as through Emulation like WinUAE, then this may be the software update that your Amiga thanks you for. Although there are other OS utilities to play Amiga games such as AG-launch, X-Bench, and the most recently updated iGame (link), it might be worth your time trying out the latest release of WHDLoadMenu; a full frontend for WHDLoad by Vesuri.

According to Vesuri, WHDLoadMenu displays a list of WHDLoadable applications in the given directory and allows them to be started by choosing the application name using the user interface (such as in the video above or linked here). Vesuri also goes on to say, that WHDLoadMenu also provides two user interfaces: an Intuition based one (WHDLoadMenu) with a standard AmigaOS look and feel and a custom, animated user interface (WHDLoadMenuAnimated). Basically as described via Aminet; this allows them to be started by clicking on the name of the application using the mouse or by selecting the application name using the keyboard or a joystick, and is intended to be conditionally started on system startup.

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