A family friendly Owl game gets another Amiga wip tease

Another day and another Amiga news heads up, as we've recently been informed via Per Ola, that the upcoming Owl game, which is being developed by czorny, has just got another WIP video tease. This game which has been mentioned by us many times before, is a fun for all the family Amiga title, which doesn't just feature charming detail of lush woodlands and bonus levels, but different enemy types, collectable items, and much much more that's sure to come!

No Sound

Obviously it's still early days for this game as we don't yet have a story or how many levels, but from the view of the video above or linked (here), in this lovely looking game developed using the Scorpion Engine, you play as an Owl and must traverse through the level collecting your baby chicks, while also avoiding enemies that lurk below.  And that's pretty much all the details we have at hand, but as soon as the game has a name, and does include music and or sound effects we wont hesitate to let you all know.

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