Terminal Fighter - A monochrome preview shoot em up for your C64

Bit of a slow news day I'm afraid as I'm currently doing an Amiga 1200 upgrade with a new keyboard membrane, CF install and AGA folder creation. But still to keep the news flowing atleast, here's a new preview you might like to try out on your C64, it's Terminal Fighter by Herkules and MDA; a monochrome side scrolling shoot em up in which you need to blast waves of enemies while keeping an eye on both your time and any lives you have left.

According to the team behind Terminal Fighter, this game is a tribute to the IBM PC 5150 monitor and early dos games of the era as a side scrolling shoot em up preview. In regards to the gameplay itself however, you play as a remote controlled spacecraft and with your skills and fast reflexes, must help the last of the human race to get through a powerful defense force which is protecting a planet once home to an Alien race. 

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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