Pitman (Catrap) - A challenging puzzler for the ZX Spectrum by Under4Mhz

Another game for the ZX Spectrum and yet again another release that will challenge your brains possibly to frustration, is Under4Mhz new Puzzler called Pitman: A colorful ZX Spectrum game in which you need to collect all the diamonds in each of the many levels, while also trying not to be crushed by boulders, or getting stuck in a hole. So think of a puzzle game that has some similarities to Boulder Dash albeit with a lot more thinking required!

Maneuver the boulders and collect all the diamonds to advance to the next level. When stuck, press fire button to restart the level. The game features many different room layouts, colorful speccy graphics, difficult levels that get ever more challenging as they progress, and all of this downloadable or playable online via the FileHunter website. 

Links 1) MSX Version 2) Download

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