Primal Blade - A new Scorpion Engine hack n Slash Amiga game is still in the works

Another great heads up for you all, as thanks to Earok giving us the shoutout on Facebook and via the Scorpion Engine Facebook page, we've been told that Dante 3d dev@dantemendes has shown some brand new footage of his work in progress Amiga game of Primal Blade: An action platformer for the Commodore Amiga as you battle evil forces with sword in hand across a vast and dangerous landscape.

As noted via our previous article when the game didn't yet have a name. According to Earok, Dante Mendes has been working on a new Scorpion Engine hack and slash game. Early days, but it's looking promising so far as he's used the parallax system to create something reminiscent of Lionheart or Shadow of the Beast. Dante is promising ongoing video updates, and has also shown off a time lapse of some new art created in Brilliance on Amiga".... So yes watch this space!

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