Stop The Express - A new(ish) train stopping game released for your Plus/4

In 1983 Hudson Soft released 'Stop The Express'; a rather enjoyable game that was also available for the C64 and MSX as well as rated as the 4th best Spectrum game by Your Sinclair in their list of the top 100 Spectrum games. Fast forward to today however, and this classic game has finally made an appearance on the Plus/4 by Legion Of Doom. A new conversion of the game containing completely re-balanced levels, additional train designs, a new title screen (thanks to Chronos!) and title music.

As noted by the wikipedia for the game. Whereas in the first stage, the player must run along the top of an express train, jumping between carriages while also avoiding enemy knives and obstacles, although you can pick up snake birds, and chuck them at the train gang. In the second stage however which is entered via the train itself ,the player must then proceed through the carriages, towards the front of the train, so that it can be stopped and the game is won!

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