The Telwynium: Book One Winter's Dawn - A Sierra inspired adventure game that's worth checking out (Win/Linux/Mac)

Ladies and Gentlemen the late 80's and early 90's adventure graphical style is calling out to us once again. As a game has just appeared in our news feeds that looks very much like the classic Kings Quest and Quest for Glory games right out of the DOS era. Welcome to ' The Telwynium: Book One Winter's Dawn ' by Powerhoof, a game built in the classic Sierra adventure game style, in which you are feeling the Shadowfell with your childhood friends Tani and Witt, the irritable Uplander Otarr Stronghorn, and a colossal golem of mud and stone, summoned by the Aldor as the Shadowfell attacked.

Not only is The Telwynium an early 90s style adventure game, with Sierra SCI0 style graphics, but with a fancy new-fangled point 'n click interface. But from those who have played the game, have given very positive feedback. "The visual style is beautiful and the story was also great (really captures the vibe of the beginning of something like LOTR or the Wheel of Time series). Would pay top-dollar for a full-game version" and "This was absolutely fantastic. Great story well told such a perfect short experience for people who loved the old adventure games". So yes certainly a game worthy of a playthrough!


  • Dave Lloyd (@DuzzOnDrums) -  Story, Code, Art
  • Brandon Blume (@BrandonBlume) - Music and SFX
  • Louis Meyer (@LouisDMeyer) - Additional Music
  • Barney Cumming (@Powerhoof) - Walking Animation
  • Amy Tant (@Summerbird76) - Playtesting and proofreading
  • Fonts by Goatmeal
  • Some SFX hacked up from old SCI0 games

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