INCA MAN - A Brand New Amiga OCS Game from Amiten Team

Another Amiga game announcement has just hit our inbox, as we've recently been informed via Per Ola through his Youtube channel and Tony Aksnes of AmigaGuru, that you can now download the brand new Amiga game called INCA MAN; An OCS Amiga game developed by AMITEN TEAM, as an Arcade Platformer which has been released as a digital download. Please note for those of you who want physical editions, the team behind the game will need a minimum amount of orders to make a print run.

Video Link for Mobile Users

In this game not only do you need to collect lots of diamonds to complete each of the many levels, but if you're lucky enough to avoid the nasties, you can collect extra bonuses such as stopping time or armor to help you along the way. The game features 1 player single play, 2 player either as co-op or versus, 30 levels of Arcade fun, full music and sound effects in game, and all of this requiring a stock Amiga 500  512kb+512kb. 

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