Target Renegade - A classic beat 'em up is coming to the Commodore Amiga

(ZX Spectrum Screenshot)

In 1988 Ocean Software ( Imagine Label ) released a fine beat em up for the Amstrad CPC, C64 and ZX Spectrum. It was a great title that featured both single player and two player fighting with you playing as street fighters known only as Renegade, in a revenge against a kingpin named "Mr. Big" for murdering their brother. But today's news isn't so much about the 8bit version, but rather that according to Havie via the EAB forums, he is porting the game over to the Commodore Amiga for the AmigaGameJam.

As of yet we don't have a video to show you, but according to the creator, not only was this game a project that was started about 15 years ago (stopped due to life getting in the way) written for PC using Blitz Basic PC. But with the help of Swainy, he had re-coloured all of the ZX Spectrum graphics over to the Amiga, with most of the first level working, with the exception of baddies attacking you. Thankfully after many years of regret, the developer is once again working on the game, as he hopes to finish most of it for the AmigaGameJam.

Links :1) Source ( Detailed Development )

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