Willow Pattern Adventure - A 1985 classic gets an enhanced Jolie Edition for the C64

Something slightly different for a Monday retro heads up, as we've recently been contacted through Twitter, that you can now download the enhanced version of a C64 game called 'Willow Pattern Adventure'; An game that was originally released by Greg Duddle in 1985 on the Mr Micro and Firebird labels, as an action game that was inspired by the characteristic "willow pattern" design used on ceramic kitchenware since the end of the 18th century, inspired by the patterns on Chinese porcelain.

Video for Mobile Users

According to the website, with the enhanced version by C64 Mark and music by dmx. The 'Jolie Edition' (inspired by retro Twitch streamer @theJolieJones) includes gameplay tweaks, bug fixes and a few special bonus items. These new changes include, diagonal movement (joystick/emulated joystick only), new ending screens, secret bonus items, tweaks to positions, a softened music by dmx, cheat options, birds flying over the bridge, switchable music (on/off), as well as other minor tweaks and bug fixes not mentioned... For further information such as the download and gameplay, check the links below.

Links :1) Source 2) Twitter 

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