- Open source remake of a fantastic CRPG gets a brand new 1.0 release! (Hints of an Advanced Mod too!)

As we said before in November of last year....Originally released in 1993 for the Amiga by Thalion Software, Ambermoon was the second part of an unfinished trilogy and sequel to Amberstar that was only released in Germany. In was an incredible RPG for its time, and featured 3D graphics that were considered revolutionary for the Amiga, but sadly for the company it couldn't save them from collapse.

Today's news is yet another good 'un for fans of this great Dungeon Crawling/CRPG. As thanks to Pyrdacor letting us know once more through the EAB forums. He has said that if you head on over to the github website linked below, you can try out the latest version 1.0 release of the open-source remake of Ambermoon; an open source version of that classic game which aims to bring this awesome Amiga RPG to many other platforms including Linux, Mac, Pi4 and Windows. (Also includes updated files to the original Amiga systems too!)

Do note however even though the game is still in a development stage by Pyrdacor, and many people such as Metallic, Hexaae, Maynef who have been diagnosing and fixing bugs in the Amiga version. This latest version is pretty close to the original, while still featuring lots of improvements such as the 3D areas, better performance in some areas, lots of bug fixes, text improvements, and more listed on the github website. So yes if you want to play to play the game today, not only are there standalone versions available such as windows, but there are also updates for the original Amiga version as well.

HOT NEWS from Pyrdacor

"Today I started to implement a 2D Map Editor for Ambermoon, but my next project is an Ambermoon Advanced mod for Ambermoon. It will be also playable on Amiga. It will add new content like places, quests, NPCs and so on. And it will balance the game and improve the experience all together (hopefully)".

Links :1) EAB  2) GitHub (Scroll down for Standalone) 3)Amiga Updates 4) Website

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