Doom on SymbOS - First test on real 4MHz 8bit hardware

Doom was never officially released on the Amstrad, nor was it released on any other system of that time. Doom was just way beyond in computer development. Thankfully if you have a SymbOS however, which is available for your Amstrad CPC, MSX, Amstrad PCW and Enterprise 64/128, you'll soon be able to play Doom. A CPC conversion from Prodatron, original Port for MSX2, and also based on the version written in the 90's by fans for TI-8x calculators, which also use a Z80.

Video Link for Mobile Users (Amstrad )

Video Link for Mobile Users (MSX2)

According to Prodatron, this is the NYYRIKKI port of zDoom for SymbOS, which was written for the TI83/84 calculators about 15 years ago. During the last 2 days he was adapting and optimizing it a little bit, and as visual proof made the first test on his real CPC. Although there doesn't seem to be an Amstrad download as of yet, thankfully if you have an MSX however you can try out the test version with the main discussion linked below.

Links :1) Source - Thanks XeNoMoRPH!

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